Columbia County – Get Out The Vote

Columbia County Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

OK, this is the BIG One!
We need YOUR help for this!

The Delgado campaign is building the infrastructure for the last four days of the election.  This can make or break the race  As all of us well know, a lot is at stake with this election, and we need all hands on deck in order to win.

There will be canvassing actions run out of Chatham, Kinderhook, Hudson and Ancram during these four days, and we need YOU to sign up for a 2-hour shift (or two!) at one of these locations convenient to you.

Follow the links below, which will take you to the Delgado webpage sign-up specific to your availability.

There will also be two weekends of canvassing prior to the election which is an organizational “dry run” as the campaign prepares for the final days.  We need you to help there too.

Columbia County GOTV
(each town and each day is a different link)

Saturday, November 3
Kinderhook,  Chatham,  Hudson,  Ancram

Sunday, November 4
Kinderhook,  Chatham,  Hudson,  Ancram

Monday, November 5
Kinderhook,  Chatham,  Hudson, Ancram

Tuesday, November 6 ELECTION DAY
Kinderhook,  Chatham,  Hudson,  Ancram

Columbia County GOTV Dry Runs

Saturday, October 20
Kinderhook,  Chatham,  Hudson,  Ancram

Sunday, October 21
Kinderhook,  Chatham,  Hudson,  Ancram

Saturday, October 27
Kinderhook,  Chatham,  Hudson,  Ancram

Sunday, October 28
Kinderhook,  Chatham,  Hudson,  Ancram

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