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These are the Indivisible Chatham committees already formed and active. If you are interested in contributing, please contact the chair(s) directly.

Alternately, fill in the form below and indicate an area that you would be interested in helping with.

Immigration Committee

Chairs: Tom Gerety and Joanne Trapanese gro.y1524768266nmaht1524768266ahcel1524768266bisiv1524768266idni@1524768266noita1524768266rgimm1524768266i1524768266

The Immigration Committee is focusing on four main areas:

  1. Helping those most vulnerable to deportation by linking up closely with the various Sanctuary institutions and activists in the region as well as with immigration lawyers willing to do pro bono work on their behalf;
  2. seeking to help those who, through lack of documents, may find themselves threatened or exploited at work, by landlords, and by the police;
  3. assisting in the registration and voting of newer citizens in our area, particularly those for whom English is a new language; and
  4. the monitoring and opposing of law and policy changes that our President may propose and our Representative may support.

Climate Change


We are looking to:

  1. identify and contact politicos of both parties relevant to climate change issues;
  2. oppose fracked natural gas (a NY State issue);
  3. emphasize and support sustainable energy sources, especially solar power;
  4. explore divestment as a tactic to curb fossil fuel industries;
  5. help to address the potential gutting of the EPA under Trump appointee Scott Pruitt.

We need volunteers for communications work, tracking issues, tracking the climate-related votes, speeches, comments, and positions of Congressman John Faso, and for planning climate change actions.


Chair: John Lillis  gro.y1524768266nmaht1524768266ahcel1524768266bisiv1524768266idni@1524768266gnito1524768266v1524768266
The Voting Committee has a broad agenda concerned with voter registration and canvassing, identifying candidates for local and district offices, and working toward fair election practices such as the elimination of gerrymandering.

Planned Parenthood

Chair: Tobby Cassuto gro.y1524768266nmaht1524768266ahcel1524768266bisiv1524768266idni@1524768266dooht1524768266nerap1524768266denna1524768266lp1524768266
This committee closely works with and follows established groups, such as the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, transmitting information as quickly and reliably as it can to ICNY members. It also watches the legislative process to identify any actions that may be deemed necessary. It is particularly seeking help with writing and communicating.


Chair: Elizabeth Diggs gro.y1524768266nmaht1524768266ahcel1524768266bisiv1524768266idni@1524768266tuoka1524768266eps1524768266
The mission of the ICNY SpeakOut/Events Committee is to “Preserve Democracy through Community” by organizing public events on the issues that threaten our unique and precious form of government. Our goal is to raise community awareness and inspire active participation of every citizen at the grass-roots level, by holding free events that focus on the following issues that threaten democracy: Immigration; Real news / Fake news; Voter registration; Healthcare; Climate change. The Committee meets every other Saturday at 2:00, and plans to hold a SpeakOut event every other month. All events include audience involvement with a Q&A following the panel discussion.

Health Care

Chairs: David Lewis gro.y1524768266nmaht1524768266ahcel1524768266bisiv1524768266idni@1524768266erach1524768266tlaeh1524768266
The healthcare committee, in its first phase of activity, has been focused on tracking the accelerated legislative path of the Republican replacement of the ACA, making the important steps in that process more widely known, and organizing ourselves and others to make clear the depth of opposition to it in the community. This has involved engaging in, and encouraging others to engage in, calls and individual meetings with Rep. Faso. If the bill survives the House, we will move on to further phases of action, making the bill’s consequences clear to the public, making Faso responsible for them, and encouraging our Senators to oppose the final bill. We appreciate the support of all members of ICNY in these important actions.

Resistance Research

The ResistanceResearch Committee will work to provide IndivisibleChathamNY members with in-depth, thoroughly researched information on right wing initiatives—such as ReclaimNY –and other such groups working to advance the Trump agenda. The Committee will be working with other groups in the Hudson Valley.


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