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Our ICNY teams are busily at work. If you are interested in contributing some of your time or skills, please contact the team leaders listed below directly. Alternately, fill in the form at the bottom of this page and indicate an area that you would be interested in helping with and someone will contact you.

Poster Brigade

Whether you have real artistic skills or just the enthusiasm to lend a hand, you can get involved with making the materials we need for our demonstrations and other activities. Contact: moc.l1547922890iamg@1547922890YNmah1547922890tahCe1547922890lbisi1547922890vidnI1547922890


Like to plan parties and/or cook?  When we have an event, we often need help with food, locating spaces, setting up tables, and more.  Contact: moc.l1547922890iamg@1547922890YNmah1547922890tahCe1547922890lbisi1547922890vidnI1547922890

Social Media 

Help us with our Facebook and Twitter accounts and/or our website (WordPress) – Contact: moc.l1547922890iamg@1547922890YNmah1547922890tahCe1547922890lbisi1547922890vidnI1547922890

Bookkeeping and Data Entry

Your help in these critical areas will be greatly appreciated. Contact: moc.l1547922890iamg@1547922890YNmah1547922890tahCe1547922890lbisi1547922890vidnI1547922890


Team Leader: Susan Antos gro.y1547922890nmaht1547922890ahcel1547922890bisiv1547922890idni@1547922890noita1547922890rgimm1547922890i1547922890

The Immigration Team is focused on helping those most vulnerable to deportation or exploitation by linking up closely with the various sanctuary institutions and activists in the region, as well as supporting legislation that is fair for native born citizens and all immigrants, regardless of documentation.


Team Leaders: John Lillis, Janina Deppe, Tricia Lasky  gro.y1547922890nmaht1547922890ahcel1547922890bisiv1547922890idni@1547922890gnito1547922890v1547922890
The Voting volunteers have a broad agenda concerned with voter education, registration and canvassing, identifying candidates for local and district offices, and working toward fair election practices such as the elimination of gerrymandering.

Resistance Research

Resistance Research works to provide IndivisibleChathamNY with in-depth, thoroughly researched information on right wing initiatives—such as ReclaimNY –and other such groups working to advance the Trump agenda. The group will be working with other groups in the Hudson Valley.


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