ICNY Book Club

You’re invited to join us for a series of reading discussions to explore books relevant to today’s political environment. We will gather once a month at a local establishment or home. with a leader to provide a synopsis of the monthly read and then help guide a discussion. Reading the book is not a requirement, but is very strongly suggested. You are welcome to join, or not, whenever a book catches your attention. The venue will be rotated around northern Columbia County, and we will ask for RSVP’s as the date gets nearer to help us select the right sized location.

Impeachment A Citizen's Guide by Cass R. SunsteinICNY Books & Brew

When: Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00pm
Where: The home of Bruce and Ellen Burns, 4919 Crow Hill Road (aka County Rte.7) near Spencertown (and Chatham)
Our next book is Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide by Cass Sunstein.

Sunstein provides ample context for understanding what is obviously a very timely subject just now. Impeachment is a rare matter, historically, so the impeachment clause is something of a mystery to most citizens. But it is profoundly important to the functioning of our government.

Sunstein notes, “the impeachment clause puts the fate of the republic squarely in our hands.” It is the constitutional way for we the people to say to a leader who has abused his authority, neglected his duty or flouted the law, “No more.” He explains the founding origins of the clause, explains its intent, and clarifies how it can be applied. And outlines its possible consequences. Essential reading.

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