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In 2007, the great Bill Moyers wrote in The Nation, “Democracy works when people claim it as their own.” In this era, when Trump calls for the execution of drug dealers and “jokes” about being “President for life,” we must choose democracy over despair. Our ICNY Candi-Dating forum on Sunday was a stirring exercise in democracy. We were able to interact significantly with all six Democratic hopefuls vying for John Faso’s seat and saw that there is real promise in this group. Now, we must focus on electing a new Representative. This means that ALL of us must be registered to vote—and that includes second home owners whose votes will count for much more in CD 19 than in the metropolitan area. To find out more, for questions or for help with voter registration contact our Voting Committee at gro.Y1547921437Nmaht1547921437ahCel1547921437bisiv1547921437idnI@1547921437gnito1547921437V1547921437.

Highlights in this week’s issue

March for Our Lives
ICNY Hosts Candi-dating
CD-19 Petitions

March for Our Lives

March 24th

ICNY will join in support of students across the country on March 24th to March for Our Lives and demand action to end the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings in America. There are hundreds of marches being planned, including Albany (NYS Capital, Washington Ave and Hawk St. at 10:00am) and Pittsfield, MA (Park Square at noon). And in Poughkeepsie on the Walkway over the Hudson at 11 am. More information is found here.

Learn For Our Lives March 24 6pm at Helsinki Hudson

ICNY Hosts Candi-dating

ICNY hosted more than 200 Columbia County voters at Candi-dating, this past Sunday, March 11th. Based on the concept of speed dating, participants were divided into six classroom groups at Hawthorne Valley School, as the Democratic Congressional Candidates rotated from room to room. Virginia Martin, Voting Supervisor from the Columbia County Democrats, explained the intricacies of petitioning. As the program closed, candidates and their staff remained to speak with participants and to obtain petition signatures. Attendees described the event as “informative,” “energizing,” “exciting,” “superb,” “incredible,” and “a great way to meet the candidates.” As one candidate commented, “This is a great way to use our time. We are meeting a lot of people on a more intimate level and we are not wasting time. I really like this format!”

Special thanks to the ICNY Voting Committee for their invaluable support and volunteer efforts to make this event happen.

Photo by Deirdre MalfattoBottom left Photo by Deirdre Malfatto. Bottom right photo by Antionio Delgado.

Photo credits: Top and bottom right photos by Deirdre Malfatto
Bottom left photo courtesy of Antonio Delgado’s Facebook page

John Faso


March 5 – 9, 2018

On the House agenda this week were two bills, both directed at weakening what remains of our environmental protection regulations. As described below, both sought to provide various exemptions, the results of which would be an increase in carcinogenic air particles. While Faso voted with the Republican majority on one of these measures, he curiously cast his vote in opposition to the other

HR 1917 – The Brick Act of 2017
The so-called BRICK Act, whose full name is the Blocking Regulatory Interference From Closing Kilns Act, delays requirements for compliance by brick makers and residential wood heaters to various emission standards as set by the EPA until the exhaustion of any and all legal challenges. Since frivolous law suits can always be “pending,” this legislation could, in effect, indefinitely forestall the implementation of existing regulations.
FASO voted AYE

HR 1119 — SENSE Act
The SENSE Act, or Satisfying Energy Needs and Saving the Environment Act (who makes up these names??), provides special breaks under the Clean Air Act to power plants that use waste coal to generate electricity. Yet another instance of the Republican majority prioritizing coal over clean air.
FASO voted NAY

Letter to Rex Tillerson
Faso was one of the signatories of a letter to the Secretary of State urging the expediting of the movement of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalum.

Student Walk-Outs

On March 14 at 10:00 am, local students will join the national movement to walk out of classes in protest against gun violence in schools and to show solidarity with the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Students at Chatham High School and Ichabod Crane High School have planned events that will take place on their school campuses. The Ichabod Crane event will take place indoors. Both events are for students and school staff only, but some members of the community have planned to show up off campus to show their support. For more information, click here.

CD 19 Petitions

Click here to learn more about Petitions, including links to Democratic Election Commissioner Virginia Martin’s petitioning Fact Sheet and the individual candidates’ petitions.

Thanks to the Kinderhook Dems and Jennifer Ose-MacDonald for their work putting all this information in one place!

If there is one thing you need to know: You can only sign ONE petition!

We Need You!

We want to be the strongest voice we can be for the progressive issues we all care about. An all-volunteer organization, ICNY maintains an active program of voter education, issue education and advocacy, get–out-the vote initiatives, and voter registration events.

Your donation helps us continue our work and stand strong for you!

Indivisible Chatham NY
P.O. Box 112
Chatham, NY 12037

ICNY is a 501 c 4 organization and contributions are not tax deductible


ICNY Events


When: Friday, March 16th and every Friday, noon-1:00
Where: In front of John Faso’s office, 2 Hudson Street, Kinderhook
Bring a friend. It’s fun, it’s social, it’s time to connect with others and participate in the resistance.

When: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm
Where: 4919 Crow Hill Road (aka County Rte.7) near Spencertown (and Chatham) at the home of Bruce and Ellen Burns
The book is Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide by Cass Sunstein.
Sunstein provides ample context for understanding what is obviously a very timely subject just now. Impeachment is a rare matter, historically, so the impeachment clause is something of a mystery to most citizens. But it is profoundly important to the functioning of our government.

Sunstein notes, “the impeachment clause puts the fate of the republic squarely in our hands.” It is the constitutional way for we the people to say to a leader who has abused his authority, neglected his duty or flouted the law, “No more.” He explains the founding origins of the clause, explains its intent, and clarifies how it can be applied. And outlines its possible consequences. Essential reading.


When: Saturday, March 24 at various times throughout the day
Where: Albany, Hudson, Pittsfield, Poughkeepsie, elsewhere
See above and MarchforOurLives for details and events nationwide.

Community Events


When: Wednesday, March 14, 7-9pm
Where: Chatham Brewing, 59 Main Street, Chatham
CD19 Candidate Jeff Beals will be at Chatham Brewing. Chat with Jeff and sign his petition. Details here.

Contact us at moc.l1547921437iamg@1547921437YNmah1547921437tahCe1547921437lbisi1547921437vidnI1547921437 if you have an event you think the community should be aware of.

Information about community events is provided as a service to our members. This should not be construed as endorsement of any event, organization, or political candidate, unless otherwise noted.

Breaking: International Women's Day 2018 has been moved to Tuesday, November 6th. Please participate at your local polling place.

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