“Not My President’s Day”

Monday, February 19, 2018

Celebrate the day as you’ve never celebrated it before! See below.

The Fish Rots from the Head Down

And, in this case, the big rotting fish is Donald Trout… Trump, that is.

Our Abuser-in-Chief has chosen to surround himself with men who yank their wives out of the shower, give them black eyes, put out cigarettes on them, and run cars over their feet. His Chief of Staff sought to protect those men, but called a U.S. Congresswoman an “empty barrel” and impugned immigrants for being “too lazy to get off their asses.”

And have we mentioned the fact that the flu epidemic is killing 4,000 people a week, maybe due in large part to the fact that our Health and Human Services Secretary had to resign over his charter plane flights and the CDC Director had to step down because she was trading tobacco stocks, leaving no one minding the store?

Rotten, indeed. Through and through. From the head down…

Not My President's Day Recess Ruckus

News From National

This coming week, we expect the Senate to undertake an unusual process where multiple immigration bills are considered. McConnell and Schumer are negotiating the process as we speak, so we don’t know the details on how many different bills will be considered (we expect two or three) or if there will be amendments allowed on the floor. And we really don’t know just how much of a bitter pill these proposals will be. What we do know is that we need you, as much as ever, to put pressure on your members of Congress this week to ensure we protect Dreamers.

This week, we also expect the release of Trump’s infrastructure plan scam (we’ve got a toolkit for that!) AND his Fiscal Year 2019 budget (we’ve got an explainer for that!). The President’s Budget is just a proposal, and it won’t go anywhere in Congress. But it is an important statement of his values and his priorities that will make clear to the world that his hateful, anti-immigrant, norm-smashing agenda is in full swing.

The good news? You can start putting the nail in the coffin of his budget AND his infrastructure plan next week when recess returns February 17-25. Last February’s recess put Indivisibles on the map and put Republicans on notice that we are a force to be reckoned with. So before we win this November, let’s get loud this recess (and ask our members of Congress the hard questions).

Come meet all 6 democratic candidates vying for CD19. Meet for Q&A with each candidate. Tickets are free, but seating is limited. Get your ticket here to ensure your seat!

John Faso


February 5-9, 2018

February 5, 2018: Amendment to HR 1892 – Continuing Resolution

This measure — another continuing resolution or CR — was to extend the funding for the federal government for an additional 6 weeks, to March 23, 2018.
FASO voted AYE

February 9, 2018: HR 1892 – The Budget Act of 2018

The Budget Act, passed in the face of yet another government shut down, extends the funding for the federal government through September, 2019, and includes raising of the debt ceiling, increased funding for defense spending, and a 10-year re-authorization for CHIP.
FASO voted AYE

From the Immigration Committee

Save the Date: March 4 at 4:00pm
We’re planning an interfaith gathering in support of DREAMers. See below for details.

Support the Clean Dream Faso 9 at their second court date on Monday, March 5, 6:45-8:30pm at Kinderhook Village Hall, 6 Chatham Street, Kinderhook. Click here for details.

For more information about how you can help us to stand with immigrants in our community, email us at gro.y1547925073nmaht1547925073ahcel1547925073bisiv1547925073idni@1547925073noita1547925073rgimm1547925073i1547925073.

National Day of Prayer

Gathering for People of Heart

We’re asking people of every faith to join us in the National Hour of Prayer For DREAMers. Please spread the word. We’re inviting all people of heart to join with us on Sunday, March 4 at 4:00pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 369 Warren Street, Hudson to meditate/pray/sing for/speak about/honor the DREAMers. Let’s join together to make this the year that DREAMers and their families can finally find some peace and welcome in this great nation of immigrants.

Sponsored by ICNY
Co-sponsors: Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, Bend the Arc: Jewish Acton, Christ Church Episcopal, Payne AME Church, and Chatham Synagogue.

Flyer by Austin Metze

Quote of the Week

“How dare you lecture us about treason? This is not a dictatorship. It’s a democracy, and we do not have to stand for a reality show host masquerading as the president.” – Congressman Hakeem Jeffries


ICNY Events

When: Friday, February 16th and every Friday, noon-1:00
Where: In front of John Faso’s office, 2 Hudson Street, Kinderhook
Bring a friend. It’s fun, it’s social, it’s time to connect with others and participate in the resistance.

When: Monday, February 19 at 11:00 am
Where: In front of John Faso’s Office 2 Hudson Street, Kinderhook

When: March 4 at 4:00 pm
Where: First Presbyterian Church, 369 Warren Street, Hudson

When: Sunday, March 11 2-4 pm
Where: Hawthorne Valley School auditorium
Meet all the candidates for Congressional District 19. All six Democrats have confirmed. John Faso has not responded. Be there either way for an informative event! Save the date!

Community Events

When: Monday, February 26, 5:00-7:00pm Gareth Rhodes
Where: 812 State Route 203, Spencertown
Please RSVP if you are able to attend moc.l1547925073iamg@1547925073elbis1547925073ividn1547925073Irevi1547925073Rneer1547925073G1547925073 – it helps us to plan.

At the home of Tom Chulak and Nicole Furnee. Meet Jeff Beals, one of six candidates running for the Democratic congressional nomination in CD19. RSVP by February 15 to moc.l1547925073oa@ka1547925073luhct1547925073
When: Sunday, February 25, 3:00
Where: 146 Tice Hill Rd. Stop 35 (2nd drive on left), Ghent

Check out the Hudson Resistance Online Calendar for even more!

Information about community events is provided as a service to our members. This should not be construed as endorsement of any event, organization, or political candidate, unless otherwise noted.

Special Hot Air Balloon for the Trump Parade
Special Hot Air Balloon for the Trump Parade

T-shirt created by local talent Trevor Paul of eeveeteepee.
T-shirt created by local talent Trevor Paul of eeveeteepee

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